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Karen blacked out towards the end when her left pinky got smashed. Everything felt numb to her at that point as her body was in a mixed confused state of where the pain was coming from. After the task had been done, the guards took them back to meet Zi Yan, who had other plans for them.


"Sure, you are her mother, but it doesn't mean what you do is the best for her. What she needs isn't a rich heiress status or a castle filled with gold. All she ever needed and wanted was a simple family that nobody gave to her. If there is anything that I can trade in this world for her life and joy, I would do it for her. That's how much I love and care about her."


Karen gritted her teeth, "You're lying! You had somebody design for you! You have no proof for that design! For the many years that we've lived together, you've never once created any works. You must have cheated! You just wanted to take this first place away from me!" Karen's chest heaved up and down as she breathed inconsistently. Her pulse was spiking high as she faced the many pairs of eyes from the audience.


Other than the fact that her methods were similar to how people worked in black markets and illegal services, everything else was too impressive. Her accuracy on how deep each cut had to be to disable Kitty's arm made the three doctors mesmerized for a moment.


Ariana crossed her arm, "Susu is being targeted. This also applies to the whole Zi family and anyone closely related to her. You guys need to be cautious and high alert at all times from now on."


"Unfilial? Then we can talk about that too. When have I ever been unfilial? Hmm? When you decided to combine Karen and my birthday party together to save money even though you're rich enough to hold ten centuries worth of grand balls? Or to the point where you always forgot about my birthday was a month after hers? Or shall we go back on the fact that you've received benefits from the Tian family after my marriage and lied to me about never receiving a cent from them?"

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"Mm..I know.." He felt that it became more and more difficult to talk as she continued mentioning things that she disliked about this place. If he had a choice, he would bring her back home.


In the middle of the night, Susu opened her eyes to meet a tired pair of eyes. He smiled and asked in a low voice after pointing around the room where four people were sleeping on top of another with weird poses that could be part of a paparazzi's front cover. "Did you sleep well?"


Susu was happy to finally have gotten somewhere with her questions, but now, another obstacle blocked her way.


"What's this? The key?" Susu squinted at the small object while taking some deep breaths slowly.


"Stop where this is going to. If you're going for the idea of breaking up with me, then don't say anything and listen to me instead." The pajamas fell to the floor as he wrapped her in his embrace. Even though his voice sounded strict, his arms were trembling slightly.


Likewise, the dress was filled with different gradient colors of red and sometimes blue compared to Karen's design. The top half of Susu's design was a sleeveless one where it transitions from a starry night sky down to the flaming nature below. Everything looked perfect and fitting.


He leads her into the private room where he rested in when he was too tired to go home. After that, he gave her another kiss before closing the door and replied to his assistant, "You can send them in."



Chen Mu let out a scornful chuckle, "Sure! You know your operations better than I do. Don't think that just because I normally address you politely, you can climb on top of my head and order me around. You're only using what you have to try to win over what I just claimed. If you ask yourself honestly, when is Susu's birthday? Hmm? Can any of you whose and what's answer me?"



Bending his knees, he lowered to her eye level and brushed some strands of fringes away from poking her eyelids. She had a sweet smile on her face as he carried her gently in his arms back to her room. Every movement that he made was extremely careful, especially when he laid her in her bed.


When she was done, Lily's mouth was watering from the fragrance of the dish. "You're amazing!! Damn, Chen mu must have saved the planet his previous life to have you as his girlfriend! Wait, since he hasn't proposed yet, I still have a chance. Just marry me and ditch him! I'll give you my salary."


He reminded her not to act recklessly as people could be eavesdropping from anywhere nowadays. "Oh? But with your ability, dad, those devices would've been-"

  • He cleared his throat and was pretty nervous to speak to Susu. With a pat against his wrinkled hand, Susu cheered him up, "don't worry, I will try my best to understand."
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