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Tian Yuo supported himself up using the pole and said, "Hah, you're standing up for her for no reason. What I said were all true. I am her first man so even if you guys marry or fuck each other like bunnies, I'll still be the one who took her virginity! That will be a splinter in your fucking big ass donkey heart!"


After a while of working and making countless mistakes, she was arrogant enough to show superiority in front of new potential interns. Even entering basic data entry records for patients was difficult for her to complete. Since the hospital had many visitors and patients entering and exiting daily, she would use other nurse's initials to avoid trouble if she was unsure of whether she did something correctly.


Susu carefully slipped the invitation card into her purse, "Let's go, little guesser. We will never understand what's going on in a rich CEO's mind. Maybe he coincidentally bumped into me by pure accident or maybe he really is stalking me. All I know is that he is Chen Mu's close friend and someone I could trust. Therefore, don't think too much into it."


Susu continuously stirred her Strawberry Pink drink while Lily, Chen Mu and Lin Que stared at her silently. Lily whispered to Chen Mu, "Do you know what's wrong with her?"


In the middle of texting, Lily recognized the familiar figure sitting in the seating area. In a split second, her eyes focused to her right as she casually walked pass the waiting room. 'That was definitely Tian Yuo's mother, Shen Wen. She was holding some receipt looking paper and a medicine container? ...hmm... If I don't look into this, my last name will be spelled backwards from now on!' Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Dad! Mom! What the hell do you two think you're doing? Why would we split up as a family? Do you two think we don't have enough problems already, so you're adding more seasonings to it? Huh? To make this topic more spicy for the news reporters?! Calm down. Nobody is leaving, and this family will not go bankrupt with me around."

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Once the elevator doors opened, a smile broke loose on her face as she took the lead and guided him to their condo. He watched her slip the key into the lock and walked in the condo. Recognizing the similar desires that they shared for each other, his last sense of rationality was blown away.


"Unfortunately, you're my first kiss then...with a man at least," Chen Mu was ready to tilt his face up to meet his fated partner's face but his hand slipped the next second after hearing Lin Que's words.


Feeling his fingertips around her behinds made her heart pound faster. The area between her inner thighs started to feel hot as her lower abdomen tightened from the inside. As he enjoyed how her butt cheeks fit in his palms, she moaned through their kisses.


Her hand continued wiping his tears away as he broke down in front of her. "Okay?" she whispered to him and let her tears escape her eyes. His hands held onto hers as he kissed her palms with his eyes closed. Finally, he nodded and replied, "I promise."


"Susu, are you doing alright without the ventilator?" Chen Mu asked to triple check even though it was obvious that she was doing fine without the machine. She nodded.


She smirked, "I have an even more exciting way of teaching her the lesson for messing with my friends. I'll show her a nice, long route to the everlasting hell that exists on earth." With one hand, she grabbed Kitty's long, thin hair similar to how owners pull on dog leashes when their dog misbehaves during its walk and dragged her across the hall. Chen Nan followed closely from behind to make sure Kitty had no rooms to escape.


Once she got her hands on that song, she replayed it over and over. At this moment with Chen Mu in the car with her, the lyrics seem to breathe and live on its own as her eyes closed to feel the emotions from the song. Subconsciously, she sang along until they've arrived at the destination.



Susu listened attentively to every word that Shen Wen had said, but something wasn't quite right. "You said that my mother was a talented designer. Then why didn't she continue her career after graduation? Was it because of her marriage?"



Quickly, Lily and Ariana dialed their phones to reach the guys who were finishing up with the lab. Chen Nan started chanting Susu's name and took out his medical pen flashlight to give her some basic body checks. When her eyelids lifted up, it took her multiple blinks to adapt to the room lightings. Everyone could finally breathe and settle the heavy weights on their chest.


Her over sized sweater wrinkled and slanted off her right shoulder, showing off the pearl-like skin underneath the top. The untainted area that nobody has marked was now exposed in front of him. He kissed the tears that escaped her watery eyes. Starting from her forehead, he took his time planting kisses to her nose, cheeks, and finally, the luscious lips that had been waiting for his touch.


Under her strong gaze, he felt like he was the subject to an X-ray scan where every thought of his became transparent in front of her. Without averting his gaze, he said, "I assume you've already known about her falling ill?"

  • Hearing his permission, she got out of his embrace and located her lips by his ears as she dangerously whispered, "You said it." Her seductive voice and the way she exhaled by his ears hinted her possessive nature. The feel of his hands against her small back, the heat of his body as she leaned herself close to his, the scent of the familiar cologne that she loved, were all so overwhelming that she felt addicted to him.
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